Funicular Railway

The ideal ride comfort and a successful track record of over 125 years

Doppelmayr/Garaventa funiculars can be built in cities, in the country, or in mountain regions. Curves and changes in gradient are mastered by this ropeway system without any problem. The low profile ensures high availability for the funicular in all weather conditions. In addition, the impressive features of these systems include a long service life of around 40 years and moderate maintenance costs.

The vehicles are propelled by a haul rope and usually on the basis of a reversible system. Whereas two parallel tracks are possible for short distances, on longer installations a single track is used with a passing loop in the middle of the line. The possibility of incorporating intermediate stations makes the funicular ideal as a means of public transport. The trains consist of one or more vehicles and are always designed to suit specific needs and wishes, irrespective of whether the customer prefers to run a fully automated system or to operate with attendants. Funiculars offer impressive transport capacities, carrying up to several hundred passengers and traveling at a maximum speed 14 m/sec.

The funicular railways at first sight

  • Ideal for carrying passengers and freight, and for combined transport
  • High travel comfort
  • Long service life and high operational efficiency

New economic perspectives with fully automatic funicular railways