Welcome to First Class

Step on board and launch into the next cable car generation with Doppelmayr. The D-Line is visionary cable car technology with impressive features: Top passenger comfort, quiet operation, simple and time-saving maintenance, and much more besides make the D-Line first class. Discover the benefits for yourself.

The D-Line components and assemblies boast a brand new design; their enhanced functions open up new possibilities. Whether it’s the stations, detachable grips or sheave assemblies – the D-Line impresses all along the line. The new cabin offers much more space and comfort; operation is even more reliable and even quieter. Thinking ahead, identifying trends, creating innovations – these are the strengths that Doppelmayr customers can rely on.

The interaction between form, material and function sets new standards with the next cable car generation from Doppelmayr. With the D-Line, great importance was attached to a new design with perfect finish combined with technical innovation. To ensure the particular comfort of passengers and operating crew, the next cable car generation has been designed for exceptionally low noise and vibration levels. The individual components have been further developed and optimized for very quiet operation.

Key features at first sight

205 new developments, 31 innovations, 14 patents

Speed of up to 7 m/sec

4 m gauge – wider carriers

Optimum accessibility for service works

Extremely straightforward maintenance

D-Line: Station-D

Form, material and function are particularly important in the stations: the ultimate in cable car engineering, reduced to the essentials, packaged in aesthetic design and offering top performance throughout.

Roof version made of real glass and multimedia screens

Simplified concrete mast geometry

Convenient stair access to station machinery

Tire conveyor with V-belt tensioners

Rubber-lined running rail mountings

Sound-dampened outer guide rail

Vibration-reduced station sheave assemblies

Low-noise bullwheel design

Station roof covers the entire carrier

New finish for undercover

D-Line: Detachable grip D

The new D-Line detachable grip is capable of top performance and constitutes another highlight of the next cable car generation. The interaction between the individual D-Line components is remarkable.

Rope diameter up to 64 mm

100% gradient in conjunction with carrier weight of 1,800 kg

Noise-reduced grip geometry

Unique dead center grip with coil spring

Easy maintenance

D-Line: Sheave assembly D

Passengers will feel a smooth glide as the cabins pass over the towers. The sheave assemblies – and their interaction with the new detachable grip D – are crucial to this level of comfort.

Rope diameter up to 64 mm

High capacity in conjunction with even greater vertical rise

Support sheave assembly with +30 % sheave load and +42 % wind load

Hold-down sheave assembly with +14 % sheave load and +16 % wind load

Combination sheave assembly with +25% sheave load and +16 % wind load

D-Line: Omega IV-10 SI D

New D-Line cabin model offers a comfortable ride. It combines legroom, seating capacity and attractive design with functionality – for a first-class ride experience.

Greater seat width – now 460 mm (previously 416 mm)

Comfortable legroom – cabin length now 2,656 mm (previously 2,436 mm)

General cabin height of 2.22 m

New hanger design

D-Line: chair DCD

The Doppelmayr Chair Detachable (DCD) combines safety and quality in a modern design. The series includes both a 6-seater and an 8-seater version. A choice of color schemes and individual branding on the back of the chair provide new possibilities for the operating company. The used materials were chosen to meet top requirements in terms of durability and resistance. The form and function of the new D-Line suspension ensures enhanced ride comfort.

Safety-optimized design

Ergonomically shaped seats (individual)

520 mm seat width

Comfortable footrests

New suspension

Seat heating with plug connector

Color schemes and design concepts

Individual and readily replaceable branding (mesh) on the back of the chair

Reversible Aerial Tramways

The king of aerial tramways

Efficient and reliable

The defining feature of this type of cable cars is their reversible movement. In most cases, it comprises one or two carriers which travel back and forth between the stations. They are propelled along one or two track ropes by means of a haul rope. The carriages of the carriers, which travel along the track ropes are connected to one another by means of the upper and lower haul rope. In one of the stations the haul rope is propelled by the drive system; in the other station, it is loaded by means of a counterweight to achieve the necessary tension. Doppelmayr/Garaventa builds aerial tramways in special constructions to accommodate specific customer wishes and requirements as well.

Aerial tramways cross valleys, ravines, rivers and glaciers with ease. Besides, they provide an increasingly popular solution for urban transport. Rope spans can be as long as 3 km. Cabins can be designed to carry between 6 and 200 passengers. Thus, a transport capacity of 500 to 2,000 passengers per hour can be achieved for a tramway depending on the travel speed (up to 12 m/sec) and system length.

Reversible aerial tramway at first sight

Rope spans of up to 3 km possible

Transport capacity up to 2,000 passengers per hour and per direction

Combined transport facility of passengers and freight

Suitable for use within difficult terrains

Group Gondolas

Privileged and exclusive

For qualified transport  

Doppelmayr/Garaventa offers extraordinary cable car systems to its customers as well. Group gondolas are produced with the aim of meeting the specific needs. Typical characteristics of such mechanisms is the combination of carrier gondola groups on the rope. Passengers can travel in this product in sitting or standing position. Size and number of gondolas depend on the transport capacity at that time. Group gondolas are regarded as a milestone in simple and transparent cable car technology and in design of cable cars with detachable or constant clip. This type of cable car is very appropriate especially, for short riding distances (for summer and winter tourism). Riding speed of this system can go up to 7 meters.

Open-air gondolas can be used to offer the passengers a broader and uncovered view. They are demanded particularly by summer tourism sector. They draw the attention of the tourists and visitors.

Group gondolas at first sight

Ideal for very short distances

Can be reversible or continuously-moving systems

Riding in sitting or standing position

Gondola capacity of 6 to 15 passengers


Matchless technology

The highest safety, engineering and economy

Funifor offers amazing performance even in the challenging areas, including extreme altitudes. This cable car system with patent owned by Doppelmayr/Garaventa can overcome the harshest weather conditions due to its wide rope span. Reversible Funifor that moves along two track ropes can carry up to 60 passengers from point A to point B. At the heart of the technology is the Funifor haul rope system consisting of a single spliced rope loop. In each station the rope is deflected around two vertical bull wheels: two in the drive station at the bottom and two in the return station at the top. The cabin carriage is equipped with four horizontal

compensating sheaves which do away with the need for a mechanical anchoring system between the haul rope and the carriage.

Precision engineering and compact construction are the striking features of the Funifor, a perfect fit down to the last detail. The low-rise, compact station buildings are also technically consistent and characteristic of the system. In addition to shorter and cost-saving planning and manufacturing times, it enables harmonious integration into the mountain landscape.

Funifor systems at first sight;

Short hanger and compact and low-rise station buildings

No need for a rescue cable car due to separate motors for each carrier

Wide rope span, high wind stability

Spliced haul rope loop



Cable car offering the future technology in its own class

Double configuration, double safety

The innovative Funitel offers top ride comfort thanks to pneumatic suspension in a modern, ergonomic design. This very special cable car system has a signature design feature: the double configuration of one continuous rope loop to give four rope lines – two parallel haul ropes on the uphill side and two on the downhill side. This prevents wind-induced side swing of the cabins and ensures optimal wind stability. As a result, Funitel systems can operate at wind speeds of up to 100 km/h. Very long rope spans are mastered with ease. The specially designed pneumatic suspension of the cabins ensures exceptional ride comfort at all times, even at a drive speed of 7 m/sec.

The combination of the cutting-edge technology and individual customer wishes provides the foundation for the design and construction of every Funitel installation. The ample cabins provide space for up to 24 passengers (including up to 18 seats) depending on the model. The panoramic windows in UV-resistant, tinted polycarbonate provide passengers with a unique all-round view.

Funitel at first sight

Transport capacity up to 4,000 passengers per hour and per direction

Functional and flexible parking facilities to suit requirements

Barrier-free access


All parts and equipment comply with EU directives (CEN)

3S Gondola Cable Car

A long list of the best

The milestone bringing the cable car technology to future

The proven tricable gondola detachable (TGD) cable car system of Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group combines the benefits of gondola lift and reversible aerial tramway. The result is technical perfection. This 3S system has two fixed, fully locked track ropes on which the carrier travels and a circulating haul rope which is clamped to the 8-wheel carriages. This detachable continuous movement system offers top performance and reliability. It has cabins for up to 35 passengers and maintains top ride comfort even in extreme weather conditions. Very high wind stability, low energy consumption and the capability to cope with very long rope spans are the unmistakable strengths of 3S cable cars.

To enable all passengers to be safely returned to solid ground in an emergency scenario, an innovative recovery concept was developed for 3S lifts. All functionally relevant parts and equipment are duplicated and independent of one another. The aim of this novel development was to provide the technical and organizational means to ensure that all cabins can always be safely returned to the nearest station.

3S gondola cable cars at first sight

Speed up to 5 m/sec

Transport capacity up to 5,000 passengers per hour and per direction

Utmost availability

Top comfort and safety

All parts and equipment comply with EU directives (CEN)

Combined Cable Cars

Proper carrier for every passenger

Correct combination for every operator

Combined cable cars feature all advantages of detachable gondolas and detachable chairlifts. They aim to meet any need of the passengers. Goldonlas can used in summer, so they provide a suitable way of transport for wheelchair users, the people with baby carriages or bikers. In winter, gondolas are generally preferred by the families with child or kid’s ski schools. Professional winter sportsmen want to ride without leaving their equipment on the chair.

This type of cable car has separate loading and unloading spaces designed to meet the requirements of different carriers. It means that a quite comfortable ride is ensured by using 8-person chairs simultaneously with these gondolas.

Thanks to their high level of flexibility, Doppelmayr/Garaventa combine cable cars are appropriate especially for the locations of summer and winter tourism. The combination of chair and gondola allows for original combinations according to weather conditions and customer needs.

Combined cable cars at first sight

  • Comfort options such as chair pad, seat heating and wind protector (bubble) can be applied at any time.
  • Transport capacity up to 3,900 passengers per hour and per direction
  • Cabins suitable for carrying injured people
  • Loading and unloading space with antiskid protection for skiers and passengers
  • Protection against wind and climate

Detachable Gondola Cable Cars

Ride and enjoy

For young and old, sunshine and snow

The detachable gondola lift from Doppelmayr/Garaventa ranks as one of the most successful ropeway systems in the world. It features cabins to take four to 15 passengers and is used to transport winter sports enthusiasts up snow-covered mountains in the most popular ski resorts, helps to boost summer tourism and also blends in perfectly with the cityscape when employed in urban transport projects. Traveling on a detachable gondola lift from Doppelmayr/Garaventa is safe, comfortable and fast. Modern design, innovative safety components and top-grade structural steelwork ensure a successful combination of aesthetics, utmost safety and optimal added value. The panoramic windows allow a unique, all-round view – and create the sensation of being immersed in nature.

Time and again, the gondola lift demonstrates its many benefits through barrier-free access which means that strollers, wheelchairs or alternative winter sports equipment can be transported without any problem. The detachable grip technology perfected by Doppelmayr/Garaventa enables the carriers to separate from the haul rope in the stations, ensuring particularly comfortable loading and unloading for passengers. On the line, gondolas reach speeds of up to 6 m/s.

The detachable gondolas at first sight

  • Transport capacities of up to 3,600 passengers per hour and direction
  • Wide choice of cabin designs and accessory options
  • Functional cabin parking facilities to suit requirements
  • Maximum availability

Maintenance-friendly due to easy access to all components

Detachable Chairlifts

The highest degree of comfort

Snow enjoyment with heated flooring and weather protection

Detachable chairlifts of Doppelmayr/Garaventa meet everything a skier’s heart desires: a unique product, the highest degree of comfort, sophisticated and functionally optimized design as well as an exceptionally smooth ride. Whether traveling in quad, 6- or 8-seater chairs, passengers are protected by the lightweight, wind-resilient bubble in UV-resistant polycarbonate which comes in a choice of the standard clear, or optional colors of orange, blue and yellow. This means they can enjoy a distortion-free view of the winter surroundings. Seat heating and automatic closing of the restraining bar are available options that enhance comfort and safety to ensure the ultimate ride experience.

The detachable grip technology perfected by Doppelmayr/Garaventa enables the carriers to travel at creep speeds in the stations, providing comfortable and safe loading and unloading for your guests. And the same high level of safety is ensured on the line. The locking system especially designed for transporting children reinforces the high level of safety of the installations. To round off the safety features, Doppelmayr offers the RPD (Rope Position Detection) early warning system which is patented worldwide. Its sensors continuously monitor the rope position on the sheave assemblies and, if necessary, decelerate or completely shut down the installation in an emergency. So passenger safety is always guaranteed.

The detachable chairlifts at first sight

  • Transport capacity up to 4,000 passengers per hour and per direction
  • Flexible parking systems to suit requirements
  • Speeds of up to 5 m/sec
  • Functional modular design

Utmost availability

Fixed-grip Chairlifts

Classic and modern are not contradiction

A successful product based on a long tradition

Fixed-grip chairlifts from Doppelmayr/Garaventa are safe, comfortable and cost-effective. The chairs are permanently attached to the rope and come in a choice of 2-, 4- and 6-seater versions to suit capacity requirements. Their design makes them ideal for summer and winter applications. The wide choice of available options on the one hand and the use of proven system components on the other enable installations to be precisely planned to suit the needs of ropeway operators and users.

Fold-up seats and fold-down back rests ensure that the upholstered surfaces can be optimally protected in weather conditions such as wind and snow. Seats coverings are available in blue Icolan or comfort upholstery in a choice of colors. For transporting children, Doppelmayr/Garaventa has developed a special restraining bar system with automatic locking and electronic monitoring. In addition, a loading carpet – also available as a height-adjustable version on request – ensures safe boarding at rope speeds of up to 2.8 m/sec. As well as achieving a higher utilization factor, the inclusion of a loading carpet enables higher travel speeds and therefore shorter trip times.

The fixed grip chairlifts at first sight

  • Transport capacity up to 2,800 passengers per hour and per direction
  • Very quiet operation
  • Extremely simple operation
  • Very long service life with maximum availability

Minimum infrastructure requirements

Ski tows

Impressive for adults and children alike

Today’s most sturdy technology instruments for tomorrow

Doppelmayr/Garaventa offers surface lifts ranging from the smallest practice lift with platter towing units to the T-bar and the glacier lift. Depending on the application, platters for one or T-bars for two-person transportation are used. Snowboarders in particular appreciate the special design of the Doppelmayr comfort T-bar which allows them to ride in comfort. Infinitely variable travel speeds of up to 3.5 m/sec ensure exceptional comfort for all users. And impressive transport capacities of up to 1200 PPH can be achieved with T-bars.

The patented Doppelmayr springbox not only ensures a smooth launch, but also enables convenient self-service for every user. Angled “T" towers make light work of preparing the tow track for snow-grooming vehicles. For children, the surface lift is often their first experience of ropeways. For that reason, it should create a positive impression. Doppelmayr makes the lifts so easy to use that children get a sense of achievement after using the installation for the first time. Riding uphill and skiing down then become fun things to do.

The ski tows at first sight

  • Individually tailored solutions due to the wide performance range of available drive types
  • Simple, but durable technology with components certified in accordance with EU directives
  • Particularly maintenance-friendly; availability of spare parts spanning decades
  • Low personnel requirements thanks to self-service and CCTV monitoring

Compact design with minimal basic requirements

Avalanche Blasting Cable Cars

Based on mountain expertise 

Developed for safety

Doppelmayr avalanche blasting cable cars are based on proven technology that has stood the test of practical application hundreds of times over. They offer a wealth of benefits for avalanche control. These highly specialized cable cars are used for artificially triggering avalanches and for ensuring the safety of avalanche management personnel. The explosive charges can be precisely positioned along the entire ropeline at individually defined locations. If an explosive charge fails to ignite, it can be run back to the starting position. Thanks to Doppelmayr’s many years of experience and advanced technology, the avalanche blasting cable cars offer the utmost availability. These are the top systems in terms of safety and precision.

The avalanche blasting cable cars at first sight

  • Utmost availability
  • Operational safety
  • Optimal blasting effect
  • Variable sizes for explosive charges (2.5 – 10 kg)

Automatic control

Material Cable Cars

No problem with harsh terrain

The solution for freight transport

Material ropeways from the Doppelmayr Group are used around the globe for a very wide range of applications. The optimal ropeway system is selected to suit the specific requirements and perfectly tailored to the needs of the customer. The flexibility of ropeway systems such as reversible aerial tramways make them well suited to carrying materials. As well as transporting passengers, they can be used for moving pallets, machinery or bulk materials and unit loads from A to B. Irrespective of whether the alignment is inclined or horizontal, material ropeways can always be relied upon to go the distance. Particularly in the case of impassible terrain, a material ropeway from Doppelmayr is the obvious choice. Gorges and valleys, rivers and lakes, roads and forests are all no problem for a material ropeway.

Material ropeways are a popular choice in situations where truck transport would simply be uneconomical. With transport capabilities of up to 1,500 t/h, a material ropeway is lengths ahead of conventional transport methods. It can also handle rope spans of up to 1,500 m and even carry snow groomers or automobiles.

Material cable cars at first sight

  • Single loads up to 40 t
  • Transport capacity up to 1,500 t per hour
  • Transport gradient up to 45°
  • Transport sections up to 10 km

Bulk materials and unit load handling plus passenger transport


Ecofriendly, energy-saving and compact

Specific transport solutions  

Monorack is a compact system offering impressive performance for transporting people and material. Thanks to the well-conceived modular construction, slender rails and an ability to cope with any terrain, the Monorack harmonizes inconspicuously with the landscape. This manually or remotely controlled transport solution is available with a choice of drive options: gasoline, diesel or electric.

The electric Monorack is particularly well suited as a feeder for hillside residences, hotels, vacation homes or other properties located in sloped terrain. The self-aligning seat for simple passenger transport compensates any changes in level and can be fitted with back protection and a protectivehood. Baggage and freight can also be safely transported to their destination.

RopeCon® at first sight

  • Continuous conveyor system for bulk materials and unit loads of all kinds
  • Proven conveyor technology combined with decades of ropeway experience
  • Conveying capacities of up to 25,000 t per hour

Rope span length of approx. 1 km possible