The Wittur group is one of the world's leading components, modules and complete system manufacturers in the elevator industry.

Vision “Excellence in Solutions": Wittur aims to be a global leader among energy efficient component, module and complex system suppliers and to be recognized by its customers with high quality and technology.

Wittur 7 continental manufactures factories located in 11 countries, as well as sales offices in 21 countries and the highest quality products of the elevator industry to customers all over the world.

Doors, cabins, safety equipment, gearless machines, hydraulic units, carcasses and complex systems constitute our main product group. Our products are designed to be used in modernization as well as new constructions.

Our product range includes special designs, high capacity freight elevators and ship applications. All of our products are manufactured in accordance with the global elevator standards and regulations.

Wittur conducts research and development studies from 8 centers specialized in each of them and has applied over 300 patents so far.

NEW LIFT is one of the leading companies in the elevator industry. NEW LIFT name is synonymous with “time innovative" and “know-how" terms. In addition to standard control systems we offer to our customers, we also offer customized options to the finest detail in the direction of requests.

The company was founded in 1968 by Peter Zeitler and Mike Hirling in the framework of the BayTEP Technology Program in Bavaria.

In the early years, the company, which had the name Zeitler & Hirling GbR, developed the SST control systems and successfully entered the sector. In 1989 he got his name today.

Our main goal in NEW LIFT products is compatibility and suitability. FST-2 elevator control system, the main item of our product portfolio, can work comfortably with all other NEW LIFT products and even with other manufacturer's products.

We do not work to be the best in everything we do.We realize that this scandal is more than just a sentence. Always being one step ahead of the sector, producing “the only sample of your kind" equipments, and providing the desired service, are the services we expect from us and fulfilled in our service.

For 40 years, we have provided our customers with a service that is close to creativity, excitement and dynamic innovation.

Our company, which has a world-class service and customer potential, treats every customer as our first customer.

These features have made us a leading company in the sector and will be successful in the future.

We are targeting the ideal. From this one goal to the finished fixture we produce, from standard production to special designs, all our products do not compromise on quality and elegance.

Michael Gubisch, MBA, Dipl.-Ing. (High Engineer)
General Manager


With this motto: “We Integrate Technology with Practice" PFEIFER is one of the leading European companies in rope and traction systems. Our company based in Memmingen, Germany has many centers in Germany and abroad.


PFEIFER has 1200 employees worldwide. More than half of the business volume is from overseas sources.

  •  Rope technology
  •  Cable constructions
  •  Living together with confidence and comfort,
  •  Coupling and traction systems
  •  Traction technologies
  •  Adding and Linking equipments
  •  Elevator products
  •  Mining and industrial ropes

L-TEC Outdoorlift is an external elevator system with self-moving capability, equipped with an innovative driving system and a superior capable structure that fits all kinds of terrain conditions. It is designed for customized use in rugged and wide areas.

The cabinet has a completely safe and comfortable structure when moving in directions and slopes. Trees move very easily and flexibly against natural obstacles such as rocks.

With all these features, the L-TEC is an extremely comfortable and exclusive horizontal elevator, allowing you to move the cab without shaking at all. It has the perfect structure for your land.

The most incredible feature of the L-TEC horizontal elevator is the use of a global chain. Thanks to this technology, it has the ability to move forward and backward easily even in narrow and sharp bends.

The biggest difference in similar products in the market is; the movement mechanism is integrated with the cabin. You do not need a rope to move on this vantage point, and you can easily reach the distances you want, even in the most sloping and lush terrain conditions.

We are focused on the competencies that have made us more than 30 years and that help us to announce our confidence step by step in the sector: “Measure – Control – Position"

Our achievements stem from the “win-win" strategy we mutually agree with our customers. Under our steady growth, the satisfaction of our employees and our working partners lies.

Savera is a worldwide brand that provides production and distribution services in the elevator industry. Based in Vera de Bidasoa (Navarre) and with five continental facilities, our client portfolio is international companies and companies that conform to the principle of long working principle. As Savera, our strategy is in general a shudder: “GLOBAL INTEGRATING SOLUTIONS"

AN INTEGRATOR, because we are working together with our customers to the smallest detail in each area until the end of the project.

GLOBAL, because it has a network of services and services scattered all over the world.

EHC maintains its leadership in design and sales in the field of elevator and escalator rails for more than 30 years. In this light of experience, safety brushes, urethane rolls and designed polymer products. In addition, EHC Global, which for the first time applies and finds customized railing designs for radiation detector systems and press services to the steel sector, is increasing its innovation capability day by day.

Our Canadian based company has ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates.

EHC Global Group Companies
  • EHC Canada, Inc.
  • Escalator Handrail International Inc.
  • Escalator Handrail USA Inc.
  • EHC Germany GmbH
  • EHC Escalator Handrail (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
  • EHC Engineered Polymer (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • EHC Detection Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • EHC Japan K.K.
  • EHC (Barbados) Inc.