Rope Cone® Strengen


The Strengen motorway by-pass tunnel project in Tyrol, Austria, was expected to produce approximately 850,000 m³ of rock excavation material which had to be taken to the designated dump. Transportation of the material to the dump was complicated by the fact that a river, a very busy road and a railway track were in the way. A conventional conveyor would have required a long bridge structure to cross these obstacles.

115,000 truck journeys along with the associated emissions of noise, dust and CO2 were no option for the removal of the excavated material. ARGE Tunnel Strengen thus went looking for a different approach to transport the highly abrasive quartz.

Teknik Özellikler

  • Transported material  Quartz
  • Horizontal Length  270m
  • Vertical Rise  23m
  • Conveying Capacity 600 t/h
  • Motor Rating, Continuous  30kw

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