60-FUL Tbilisi – Mtatsminda


Tradition meets innovation. Since October 2012, it has been possible to climb to the summit of Mount Mtatsminda for fun and to enjoy the wonderful view of Tbilisi. New cabins with 18 seats can carry 60 people. Vehicles are accompanied by a driver. Apart from the train and infrastructure, everything is in fact new. Station buildings have been re-laid with architectural style of the late nineteenth century. Since the cabins do not go around or over the terminal buildings, an extraordinary solution is adapted. Auxiliary rails are laid for the wide entrance corridor. The cabins are also stored in front of the building and pulled from the wide doors to their final positions using the crane ropes.

Technicial Specifications

  • Customer Tbilisi City Hall
  • Location Tbilisi, Gürcistan
  • Elevation Difference 235.0 m
  • Inclined Length 491.0 m
  • Speed 3.0 m/a
  • Capacity 750 p/h

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