Although elevators and escalators are essential instruments of our daily lives, their safe and continuous operation is of vital importance. Working with experienced and professional teams who obey safety rules is a must. Laws require drawing up maintenance contract with elevator companies in line with the regulations published in Official Gazette and regard building managers or landlords as responsible for this issue.


Following the maintenance of elevators is one of the essential duties of a building manager. In the event of any accident, the manager is legally considered to have absolute liability for the accident. Managers should observe that the maintenance company they work with has all kinds of certificates in terms of professional competence.

We Provide Your Safety with Quality and Devotion

* Our greatest priority in service and maintenance is to ensure continuous life safety and comfort.

* Technicians of Valter prepares a special maintenance plan according to brand and type of your equipment.

* Valter analyzes the points that cause the breakdown of your lift equipment, in a systematical and integrated way and minimizes the possibility to its repeat.

* Valter performs maintenance and assembly services as per EN 81-1+A3, EN 81-2, EN 115-2 and EN 81-20/50 standards and Elevator Maintenance Regulations published in Official Gazette, and submits reports to our customers after the service process.

We Contribute to Both Your Budget and Our Country

* Owner’s equity of Valter is 100% domestic, so the company does not seek additional profit margin with respect to its international princes.

* Valter stocks spare parts and directly supplies the necessary spare parts from their producers.

* Valter contributes to budget of its customers by firstly preferring to repair the failed parts of the equipment produced abroad. Thus, it proves that it is the solution partner of its stakeholders.

We Add Value to Your Building

*Valter prioritizes visuality and aesthetics while it offers alternative solutions for the needs of its customers. It adds value to your building with its high-class products.

* In case of extensive modernization works, Valter provides quite advantageous assembly opportunities to its customers and offers free of charge maintenance support periodically.

We Carry Out Maintenance of Elevators and Escalators.

Technicians of Valter who get intensive training about the equipment of different brands and models show ultimate attention to repair for the first time and provide support to maintenance of all elevators and escalators.

Valter is with You 24/7

*To contact with Valter Customer Services Unit which gives service with its professional team, you can call on 444 0 858 24/7.

*Valter renders 24/7 service to other areas, especially to Ankara with its vehicle on call, and intervenes in the breakdowns as soon as possible.

Complete and Quick Work

*Thanks to its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program prepared to offer a better service, Valter meets all of your needs such as the operational activity, proposal, order, invoice, collection and technical support completely and quickly, and reports the tasks it fulfilled, to you in a transparent way.

Maintenance Service across Turkey

Valter with the head office in Ankara has provided service all across Turkey and in Germany with its staff of over 250 people since 1972.