We Have Risen with Turkey and Have Stepped Up Our Country since 1972.

Why Valter?

  • Valter which owns 100% domestic capital operates based on trust by offering innovative and quality product groups. The company enhances its service quality permanently with its support to high engineering and R&D studies, thereby making contribution to our national economy.
  • Valter have successfully performed production, assembly and maintenance works of elevators, escalators and cable car systems in numerous prestigious housing projects across Turkey, metro stations, shopping centers and airports since 1972.
  • Assembly team of Valter comprises technicians and engineers who are experts in own fields. Service team initiates the assembly project after preparing the most suitable project in line with the requests of customers, and completes the assembly works based on the project.

  • Fundamental policy of Valter is to keep the customer satisfaction at highest level by analyzing the needs and expectations of customers, using its resources efficiently with the efforts of its trained employees, reviewing its system and products, ensuring permanent improvement and offering its customers special designs with the perfect combination of safety, comfort and aesthetics.

  • To meet the needs of existing and planned industrial and commercial enterprises and houses timely as part of premium and affordable services primarily based on the engineering knowledge, skills and support, and of the principle of proper profitability and continuity is the main mission of Valter.
  • Valter maintains its leadership in domestic industry and introduces new technologies and trends to our country by following the global developments closely.

Prompt, Professional, Reliable

Welcome to Valter After-Sale Services

Privilege of Valter is mostly distinguished in after-sale services. With our almost 50-year experience, we are immediately at your service according to your needs to be able to solve “the problem before it arises.”

Let us introduce our team who will stand by you before and after the assembly of our escalators/moving walkways and our rope-based transport system is completed successfully and their official acceptance tests are approved by the public authorities. Our After-Sale Services team will be your professional contact persons since then and during the economic life of the system.

First-class support during the economic life of the product

A reliable team that will stand by you beginning from the commissioning process of your system

Service provided by experienced  experts of Valter

Support to any system regardless of its age and location

You can contact with our 24/7 hotline during 365 days from 444 0 858

As a customer of Valter, you benefit from the cutting-edge elevators, escalators/moving walkways and rope-based transport technology. That is to say, a professional, prompt and reliable support to your system is guaranteed.

Our breakdown prevention process developed for your systems accords with our goal of long operation time. For this reason, Valter After-Sale Services team consists of the most qualified staff. An authorized partner will give support to you whenever you receive professional and reliable services for your systems or you have a problem.

The reliance that you will place on our capacity, services and products during the economic life of your system motivates us to render service to you with maximum performance at all times. We are proud of winning your confidence as your partner.

  • Valter provides repair and maintenance services, offering safe, quick and affordable solutions.
  • As the authorized service, we are ready to meet your needs for repair and maintenance of all kinds of elevators and escalators.
  • Valter has international certificates and quality documents about elevators and escalators/ moving walkways.
  • Our greatest priority in service and maintenance is to ensure continuous life safety and comfort.
  • We assure under Valter guarantee that we will provide service and original spare parts for the elevators or escalators which were not installed by us, as well as of Valter branded elevators or escalators in the quickest and most affordable way.