We have been combining the best components in the world with our manufacturing in order to build elevator, escalator, moving walkway, and cable car systems in the ropeways sector since 1972.

Hundreds of housing projects, Presidency Social Complex and its structures, subways, hospitals, hotels, universities, malls and living centers, places of worship, and vertical and horizontal transportation systems in areas of transportation and urban travel we have completed throughout the years offer comfort, quality, and safety to millions of people each day. 

With cable car transportation which has an important place and function in the world, we fulfill a significant need. As the leading company, our current and future facilities allow us to provide fun travels and an opportunity to make life easier  to our user friends.

Thanks to our experienced staff of 600 employees within the group and our 24/7 technical service network, we offer world class seamless service to our customers.

Being aware of the fact that human safety and happiness is the greatest asset, we provide continuous support and resources to advanced engineering works and R&D efforts and relentlessly pursue Valter’s vision of seeking the best.

In addition to new projects, we arrange and put current elevator systems and escalator systems into use based on modernization principles and regardless of their brand and age. Also, our repairs-maintenance departments continue to provide seamless service to our customers.

We touch hearts and contribute a healthy future through social responsibility projects, sports and artistic events. 

As Valter, we have become a pioneer of change and quality in addition to one of the most successful groups in Turkey throughout our journey which lasted half a century.

We conducted our efforts within the framework of customer satisfaction, compliance with international standards, and continuous improvement and we intend to improve our consistent success and our global reputation.


Up and down “the best” since 1972

1953 ∞
Ahmet Ağcabağ
Founder & Honorary President

Valter is a success story of elevator and escalator services, one of the world’s most challenging business, written with accumulation of knowledge, experience and creativity in the years deemed milestones of the industry in Turkey.

Valter was founded in Ankara in 1972 by the Founder & Honorary President by dear departed Ahmet Ağcabağ. In 2004, his son Murat Ağcabağ completely took over the management. Valter renders services of Elevator, Escalator/Moving Walkway, Cable Car, Funicular Railway, Slope Elevators and Construction and Project Design in durable consumer goods industry. Valter is the Turkey-based distributor of the world’s giant rope-based transport systems, Doppelmayr.

The company exported to various countries such as Germany, France, Azerbaijan, Kosovo and Syria and established Valter Europe in continental Europe.

Apart from the subcontracted employees, more than 600 people are employed in the group.

Turkey’s industry leading brand, Valter delivered the following projects and put them into service: Presidential Palace of Turkish Republic and the buildings within it, Metromall Shopping and Wellnes Center, Ankara Metros, İncek Prestij Houses (45/3.5 sec) and Yenimahalle – Şentepe Cable Car Line. The ongoing projects are Cable Car Lines of Kar Tepe, Afyonkarahisar and Gümüşhane.

Having achieved its objective for 2018, Valter will open a plant with a 24.000 m2-closed area on a plot completely owned by it, in Akyurt, Ankara in 2020. Thus, it will perform the production processes of numerous European companies for which Valter makes distribution within its own facilities, and carry out their logistics across Turkey and the Middle East.

Valter provides country-wide assembly, maintenance & repair and modernization services to lines of business in durable consumer goods industry. The understanding of Valter which has put 23,000 elevators into service until now is based on 24/7 customer satisfaction.

Development chronology of Valter

Being A Professionalist

Valter aims to ideally offer its products and services with its years of experience as part of the first quality principle. It bears the capacity of professionalist as a success sign and undertakes to go up each passing day for the industrial development.

To Position Above “The Optimum”

Valter keeps being the leader of the elevator industry with an annual assembly capacity of 550. Our leading principle is to continue to work very hard and produce substantially with the awareness of the challenging conditions in the track of being above the optimum.

Innovative and Productive

We put not only the developments in elevator industry but also all of the technological developments under the scope. We aim to follow up the innovations and keep Valter brand permanently up-to-date with our trained staff.

Communication As Part of Honesty

We are attentive to communicate with our solution partners and our customers who receive our service, in the best way, and continue to walk on the track of honesty to maintain the trust perception generated with Valter name. To keep our word, including the most minor details is one of our basic principles.

Unconditional Customer Satisfaction

Our ideal is to ensure providing a first class service on the basis of satisfaction. We endeavor to make our customers happy and contented.

My Dear Team Mates and Our Valuable Customers and Solution Partners,

First, I salute all of you and our Dear Departed Founder Ahmet Ağcabağ.

We will keep making investments which will enable our consistent development in our exciting journey as we gain strength in the markets we have operated since 1972. We will crown our successful position by using the opportunities of new lines of business and partnership. We will develop the talents of our strong and global human resources, thereby maximizing the effectivenes of our organization collectively.

By virtue of you, we will preserve our industry leadership among thousands of domestic companies and keep sharing the same platforms with the multinational companies in Turkish industry. We will go on taking firm steps on the way to becoming a global player.

Our employees, service units, suppliers and solution partners and particularly, our customers who have absolute confidence in our brand make the most contribution to our determination of the reasonable objectives for the successes and future of VALTER.

On this wise, I would like to Express my thanks to all of My Team Mates, Our Customers and Our Solution Partners.


Board Chairman

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