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Valter which owns 100% domestic capital operates based on trust by offering innovative and quality product groups. The company enhances its service quality permanently with its support to high engineering and R&D studies, thereby making contribution to our national economy. READ MORE...


Although elevators and escalators are essential instruments of our daily lives, their safe and continuous operation is of vital importance. Working with experienced and professional teams who obey safety rules is a must. Laws require drawing up maintenance contract with elevator companies in line with the regulations published in Official Gazette and regard building managers or landlords as responsible for this issue. READ MORE...


Only to renew the outer view of your elevator is not a modernization process. The elevator cabin used in your building may not be safe and may not meet the safety criteria. All of the carrier suspensions and brake mechanisms of your elevator should be renewed completely and a safety gate should be built inside the cabin. READ MORE...



Passenger elevators are designed in accord with the traffic calculations and concept projects made at project design stage of the buildings. Construction activities in Turkey evolve depending on the changing life style and developing needs.


Escalators are designed for safe transfer of the people. They are not suitable for carrying loads. Although escalators seem to be broadly used in shopping centers, they can be used in any storied architectural structure. Unlike elevators, they do not require a closed pit. In buildings with intense traffic, they cost less than the elevators.


Step on board and launch into the next cable car generation with Doppelmayr. The D-Line is visionary cable car technology with impressive features: Top passenger comfort, quiet operation, simple and time-saving maintenance, and much more besides make the D-Line first class. Discover the benefits for yourself.


Doppelmayr/Garaventa funiculars can be built in cities, in the country, or in mountain regions. Curves and changes in gradient are mastered by this ropeway system without any problem. The low profile ensures high availability for the funicular in all weather conditions. In addition, the impressive features of these systems include a long service life of around 40 years and moderate maintenance costs.



Aerial Transfer from Ankara Metro

The first public transport-purpose cable car of Turkey was opened for operation between Yenimahalle and Şentepe. Free ride to metro station by cable car will start after 15-day test rides.

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Education Sublimates, Valter Elevates!

A thank you plaque was presented to Board Chairman of Valter, Murat Ağcabağ for his contributions to the scientific study named “To Achieve Sustainable Success of the Students By Ensuring More Active Participation of the Guardians in Education Process” held by Çubuk Yıldırım Beyazıt Anatolian High School as part of Erasmus Project.

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A Blood Donation Campaign Held by Valter Elevator

Valter Elevator and Escalator Company held a Blood Donation Campaign on November 20, 2017 in collaboration with Turkish Red Crescent. The campaign initiated with the blood donations of the Board Chairman of Valter Elevator Company Murat AĞCABAĞ, and of Corporate Communications Manager Buse Nur Irmak DEMİR continues with the blood donations of company staff.

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