CLS Hamad International Airport Shuttle


Doha’s new Hamad International Airport has become a new access gateway for the Middle East. The airport has become the hub of long-haul flights. For passengers flowing between terminals, Doppelmayr has set up the best feeding system: the Dual Cable Line with a special glass roof. The futuristic cars designed by CWA take you to check-in desks in the terminal building. DCC guarantees availability day and night. The Hamad International Airport ring is open 24/7. It provides two independent trains. In other projects, DCC will also be responsible for operating the Hamad International Airport ring.

Technicial Specifications

  • Customer NDIA New Doha International Airport
  • Location Doha, Katar
  • Inclined Length 770m
  • Speed 45km/h
  • Capacity 6000 p/h
  • Trip Time 60s
  • Trains 2
  • Train Capacity 190
  • Stations 2

Other Projects