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Prayers of our mothers go with you. Would you like to donate a new elevator to LÖSEV?

Last year, we started to construct a building which will be used by our hospitalized children with leukemia and create resource for their free treatment, with the donations. This matchless 7-storey building requires a 6-person elevator. Let’s listen to Turkish Representative of Valter Elevator, Murat Ağcabağ about the following developments.

“My colleagues received a fax from LÖSEV about elevator request of the foundation. I read the fax and told my colleagues without hesitation that we will donate one elevator soon. But I forgot then. A few days later, my 5-year old son started to complain about fatigue, fever and loss of appetite. First, we began to administer simple drugs. But his fever continued and we took him to medical faculty. Despite the blood test, a definite diagnosis couldn’t be made. Then, we consulted several doctors, but they couldn’t diagnose. Some time, the doctors worried about malign cells and pointed out leukemia. My whole family sacrificed from their daily life and focused on the disorder of our son. We experienced severe stress and unhappiness during three months. Later, I was called from the office. They said ‘Elevator of LÖSEV was sent from Germany. Now, we’ll install.’ Fever of my son went down, gained his appetite and former energy two days after the assembly of the elevator. I couldn’t believe in my eyes. I embraced my son. I thanked my dear God.”

Perhaps, this event was a great coincidence. However, we believe God hears and accepts the prayers of the children with leukemia and their mothers for benefactors and donators.