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Prayers of our mothers go with you. Would you like to donate a new elevator to LÖSEV?

Last year, we started to construct a building which will be used by our hospitalized children with leukemia and create resource for their free treatment, with the donations. This matchless 7-storey building requires a 6-person elevator. Let’s listen to Turkish Representative of Valter Elevator, Murat Ağcabağ about the following developments.

“My colleagues received a fax from LÖSEV about elevator request of the foundation. I read the fax and told my colleagues without hesitation that we will donate one elevator soon. But I forgot then. A few days later, my 5-year old son started to complain about fatigue, fever and loss of appetite. First, we began to administer simple drugs. But his fever continued and we took him to medical faculty. Despite the blood test, a definite diagnosis couldn’t be made. Then, we consulted several doctors, but they couldn’t diagnose. Some time, the doctors worried about malign cells and pointed out leukemia. My whole family sacrificed from their daily life and focused on the disorder of our son. We experienced severe stress and unhappiness during three months. Later, I was called from the office. They said ‘Elevator of LÖSEV was sent from Germany. Now, we’ll install.’ Fever of my son went down, gained his appetite and former energy two days after the assembly of the elevator. I couldn’t believe in my eyes. I embraced my son. I thanked my dear God.”

Perhaps, this event was a great coincidence. However, we believe God hears and accepts the prayers of the children with leukemia and their mothers for benefactors and donators.

Afyon welcomes cable car!

Afyon Mayor Burhanettin Çoban performed the tender of the cable car project projected for many years.

Tender of the cable car project in Afyonkarahisar project projected for many years was held by the Municipal Committee during the mayorship of Burhanettin Çoban. Four bidders tendered. The cable car project tendered as part of Build-Operate-Transfer model contained 25-year renting of the cable car line.


After the files were reviewed separately based on the tender specification by the Municipal Committee, the amount of bids proposed by the companies were read. Halatlı Taşımacılık Sanayi Ticaret Ltd Şti, Joint Venture of Uluç Yatırım ve İnşaat A.Ş and Barkotek Enerji İnşaat, Valter Asansör İnşaat Sanayi Ltd. Şti and Grand Yapı Teleferik Ticaret ve Sanayi Ltd. Şti. The bidders raised based on the share they would give from the revenue. Tender committee took the last bids of the highest bidders in writing. The highest bid, 17 percent based on the whole income (VAT exclusive) was given by Valter Asansör İnşaat Sanayi Ltd. Şti.


Mayor Burhanettin Çoban made a brief evaluation after the tender. Mayor Burhanettin Çoban started to his evaluation by asserting that they achieve the dream of years in Afyonkarahisar. He stated that four critical companies of Turkey attended the tender and it indicated the trust in Afyonkarahisar Municipality and that the need for cable car should be fulfilled. Of four bidders, Valter Asansör İnşaat Sanayi Ltd. Şti. based in Ankara won the tender and accepted to pay 17 percent of the whole annual income (VAT exclusive) to our Municipality. We approved the tender immediately. We hope we will start to operate the cable car line in 2018.


Mayor Burhanettin Çoban expressed his worries before the tender as well and said: “There are several global companies who perform cable car business under very high quality standards. On the other hand, some companies engage in illegal manufacturing. We know and observed on site that the cable cars manufactured in this way do not operate. We worried considerably that such a company will win the tender. The winning company is Turkish distributor of the Austrian company Doppel Mayer, one of the world’s most important company in the industry. It performed over 50 cable car works in Turkey. Tendering of a first class European company pleased us significantly. Good luck with it in Afyonkarahisar.

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Tender of cable car in Kartepe held

KARTEPE(Kocaeli), (DHA) – Cable Car Project in KARTEPE will be implemented. Two companies tendered for the cable car line of 4,960 meter between Kartepe Hikmetiye and Picnic Area of Derbent Kuzu Tableland.

The tender of Kartepe Municipality for the cable car project hosted two companies. The tender of the Cable Car Project was held in the meeting room of the municipality. Two companies tendered for the cable car line of 4,960 meter between Kartepe Hikmetiye and Picnic Area of Derbent Kuzu Tableland. Halatlı Taşımacılık, the operating company of Bursa Cable Car Line, and Valter Elevator, the operating company of Afyon Karahisar cable car line placed bids in the tender chaired by the Deputy Mayor, Mehmet Filiz. As part of the project expected to cost 71 million Turkish lira, the highest bid was given by Valter Elevator. The company undertook to give a share of 17.2 percent from the whole operating revenue other than the annual lease.

The other participant of the tender, Halatlı Taşımacılık proposed to give a share of 10.51 percent from the whole revenue of the facility, as well as the annual lease amount of 350,000 Turkish lira. As stated above, Valter Elevator offered to grant a share of 17.2 percent from the whole operating revenue other than the annual lease of 350,000 Turkish lira.


Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez said: “The dream of our Kartepe citizens is coming true. We held the tender of Kartepe Cable Car Project dreamt by everyone, including the former administrators. Finally, tender of our 50-year dream was made. I thank the participating companies. The implementation process will start as soon as possible after the approval phase of the tender was completed technically and bureaucratically. Feeling the happiness of making a dream true, I wish all of our citizens, Kartepe and our city good luck with this project.”

The line of 4.960 meters between Hikmetiye and Picnic Area of Derbent Kuzu Tableland, the first stage of the cable car line for which all permits were obtained from the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs will be operated by the awarded company for 29 years. The cable car line subjected to Build-Operate-Transfer model will be two-way and have three ropes. Two cabins, each of which has a 90-people capacity will be used.

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“50-year dream” of Kartepe is coming true

“50-year dream” of Kartepe is coming true – The contract for the cable car project in Kartepe district of Kocaeli which will provide the transport to the summit of Samanlı Mountains via the forests which are very rich in tree species, offering the great views of Gulf of İzmit and Sapanca Lake simultaneously – It will become possible to hit the top of Kartepe in 15 minutes when the project in which construction process will start within two months is finalized – Kartepe Mayor Üzülmez said:  – “Cable car will make significant contributions to tourism.

Plus, a tourism potential will be created. At least 500,000 people will get this service annually, so a new tourist potential will arise”

KOCAELİ (AA) – The contract for the cable car project featured as a “50-year dream” in Kartepe district of Kocaeli which will provide the transport to the summit of Samanlı Mountains via the forests which are very rich in tree species, offering the great views of Gulf of İzmit and Sapanca Lake simultaneously.

In the signing ceremony held at municipality, Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez said that today is passing into history with the start of the implementation of the 50-year dream of Kartepe.

Üzülmez specified that the towns and villages, even the whole Kocaeli has had a cable car dream since Kartepe was not a district, an even Kartepe name was not given to the relevant region. He said:

“This issue was brought to agenda in every election, but we had promised this in the last elections. We went it at tooth and nail for it. According to our research, a very strong company won the tender. The most important point is that the necessary legal permits and procedures took a long time locally and centrally, but the tender process was completed at the end of a 3.5-year struggle. Our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan provided considerable support to us. He dealt with this matter personally. I owe him a debt of gratitude. I thank our Deputy Prime Minister Fikri Işık, members of our parliament, our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu and our bureaucrats for their support.”

– “Kartepe will further be an attraction center with the completion of the project”

Üzülmez mentioned that Metropolitan Municipality allocated the take-off and landing locations of the cable car to us at no charge and this facilitated their works. Üzülmez reported: “Tender process of the project was finalized. Terms for the relevant company were set. Today, we are drawing up the contract. Later, application and construction stage of the project will start. The company will begin to construct in two months. Tender specification requires the completion of the project within two years. However, the company mentioned that they will be able to complete the project on December 31, 2018 unless exceptional circumstances arise. I see the excitement of the awarded company. Cable car will cover an air distance of 4.9 km in 15 minutes.”

Üzülmez emphasized that the cable car will make significant contributions to Kartepe tourism and create an additional tourism potential. “At least 500,009 people will receive this service annually, thereby making a new tourist potential. This new transport mode will contribute in local, domestic and international respects. We’re waiting for the day on which our citizens will start to use this service“ said he.

Üzülmez pointed out that Kartepe is not just a center of winter tourism and can be visited during four seasons. He continues to his speech as follows:

“Kartepe is very important in summer as well, because it has tableland tourism. Kartepe contains a national park on which our Metropolitan Municipality will invest significantly. New hotels and facilities will be constructed. Different investments will be made. Kartepe has the view of not only Sapanca Lake, but also Marmara Sea and Gulf of İzmit. When you go up, you can see Blacksea with a great flora, including green forests. There is no other cable car from which you can see all of these beauties. I hope Kartepe will attract more visitors at the end of the project.”

In the meeting, Üzülmez and General Manager of the Contractor Company, VALTER signed the contract.

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The Area in Kartepe Delivered for Cable Car Project

KOCAELİ (AA) – It was reported that the area in Kartepe district of Kocaeli was delivered as part of the cable car Project featured as “a 50-year dream” which will provide the transport to the summit of Samanlı Mountains via the forests which are very rich in tree species, offering the great views of Gulf of İzmit and Sapanca Lake simultaneously.

According to written statement of Kartepe Municipality, the cable car project for which tender and area delivery were made will be implemented using the cutting edge technology.

It was explained that the Cable Car Project one of the most significant vision projects of the municipality forges ahead, field works of the technical team of municipality and the employees of the awarded company Valter Elevator ended and the process will almost finish after the area assignment of Gölcük Forestry Operation Directorate.

The statement contained the following information: “The construction documents were delivered to the technical team of municipality following the signing ceremony between Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez and General Manager of Valter Elevator Murat Ağcabağ. Formnal procedures were completed in the meantime. Construction of the Project will start under suitable weather conditions at the beginning of spring.”

Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez specified that 500,000 people are estimated to use the cable car service annually, and said:

“Our cable car project will make a substantial contribution to tourism. Many domestic and international visitors will come. Kartepe is remarkable with not only winter tourism, but also tableland tourism and nature tourism. Our project aims to raise the tourism investments such as hotels as well as providing the transport of passengers. Thus, tableland tourism of this beautiful location will revive. Unlike the other cable car projects, the Project in Kartepe will host the visitors by making them experience four seasons simultaneously and offering them amazing lake and sea views.”

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A Blood Donation Campaign Held by Valter Elevator

Valter Elevator and Escalator Company held a Blood Donation Campaign on November 20, 2017 in collaboration with Turkish Red Crescent.

The campaign initiated with the blood donations of the Board Chairman of Valter Elevator Company Murat AĞCABAĞ, and of Corporate Communications Manager Buse Nur Irmak DEMİR continues with the blood donations of company staff. Employees of the company were informed about the importance of blood donation through e-mails and visuals before the organization. Corporate Communications Manager Buse Nur Irmak DEMİR stated that Valter Elevator Company would like to be a ray of hope for the patients with this Blood Donation Campaign to be held in every The Red Crescent Week.

We thank all employees of Valter Elevator Company, especially the Board Chairman, Board members and the Corporate Communications Manager for their interest and sensitivity to blood donation.

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Education Sublimates, Valter Elevates!

A thank you plaque was presented to Board Chairman of Valter, Murat Ağcabağ for his contributions to the scientific study named “To Achieve Sustainable Success of the Students By Ensuring More Active Participation of the Guardians in Education Process” held by Çubuk Yıldırım Beyazıt Anatolian High School as part of Erasmus Project.


Board Chairman of Valter, Murat Ağcabağ who contributed to the scientific study named “To Achieve Sustainable Success of the Students By Ensuring More Active Participation of the Guardians in Education Process” that was held by Çubuk Yıldırım Beyazıt Anatolian High School and became an Erasmus Project accepted in the EU was invited and granted a thank you plaque.

The organization in Ankara was held with the group of teachers from Turkey, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Portugal, Greece and Romania as part of the Project.

Murat Ağcabağ invited to the ceremony had sponsored to numerous sports club and made his mark in social responsibility projects before…

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Test Drive for Cable Car

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek performed test ride of Yenimahalle-Şentepe Cable Car which is Turkey’s the first public transport-purpose cable car with metro connection, Yenimahalle-Şentepe Cable Car will begin to give free service following 15-day test ride. In ceremony areas, Gökçek said “It was told we cut the trees before the construction” and announced that 6,000 saplings would be distributed to our citizens for that reason alone. A ceremony was held for Yenimahalle-Şentepe Cable Car to be opened 15 days later, at Güzelevler Neighborhood Yunus Emre Square. Deputy Chairman of Ak Party, Salih Kapusuz attended the ceremony as well.

-Milliyet Newspaper

Aerial Transfer from Ankara Metro

The first public transport-purpose cable car of Turkey was opened for operation between Yenimahalle and Şentepe. Free ride to metro station by cable car will start after 15-day test rides. The cable car project comprising three stations has two stages. The first stage had been finished within six months. With the completion of the second stage, the time to travel from Şentepe to Yenimahalle metro station will decrease to 13.5 minutes.

The cable car will carry Şentepe residents to Yenimahalle metro station following the test. Chambers of Electrical Engineering defended that it will not be possible to take the cable car into operation due to several deficiencies.

-Hürriyet Newspaper